Save 40-60% on your existing Commercial Doors by Refinishing with Custom Wood Veneers

The AF Door with over 1200 designs is the preferred choice for Hospitals, Building Owners, Commercial Property Management Companies, Hotels, Restaurants and Commercial Builders.

If you’re looking to upgrade the style of your commercial building by replacing your doors or if your doors are scratched, damaged, or outdated you might be thinking you’re in for a huge expense – especially if you have several or even hundreds of doors to replace. The AF door is your choice. We provide Commercial Door Replacement or Commercial Door Repair services in Orlando, Florida.

Thankfully, you can save your doors and your money with Architectural Fusions – a commercial door replacement and commercial door repair alternative.

With Architectural Fusions, you get the real look and feel of the material of your choice without the hefty cost associated with purchasing brand new Class A Fire Rated doors – which can be expensive. On average, we save our clients between 40-60% on their interior resurfacing projects.

Upgrade Your Commercial Doors & Save 40 – 60%!

What are Architectural Fusions?

Architectural Fusions are durable micro-overlays available in literally hundreds of patterns that will transform your doors. Architectural Fusions do not just mimic the look of wood, stone, fabric, metal and other surfaces, the three-dimensional textures in each finish reflect light like the real material. You simply can’t tell the difference.

You can transform metal or wood doors with hundreds of patterns including different types of Zebrawood, Cherry, Walnut, Teak, Cypress, Pine, Rosewood, Oak, and much more.

Benefits of Architectural Fusions for Commercial Door Replacement or Commercial Door Repair

Replacing commercial doors in Orlando, FL can be expensive, time-consuming, and can turn your property into a construction zone with installation mess and obnoxious gas odors.

With Architectural Fusions, you avoid the mess, downtime and cost associated with replacing or repairing your existing doors. In addition, Architectural Fusions come in hundreds of different patterns, including Anti-Microbial surfaces. Also, they are Class A Fire Rated, easily repairable and provide LEED points.

Beautiful Commercial Doors – With over 1200 patterns to choose from, no matter what style you’re hoping to achieve, this alternative to commercial door replacement & commercial door repair in Orlando, FL gives you an indistinguishable look to natural materials. Three-dimensional textures in each finish reflect light like the real material and they even feel the same.

Fast & Clean Process – Don’t worry about dangerous VOCs, construction dust, noise, or operational downtime that could occur when typically replacing doors. Architectural Fusions allow you to renovate doors in-less 1 hour and in-place. Fusions adhere to your existing door and don’t produce any mess or odor.

Durable & Repairable Material – Architectural Fusions are made from extremely durable micro-overlays. Even in the event that the material does chip or scratch, we can easily repair the material to where you can’t even tell where the patch is.

Class A Fire Rated Materials – Architectural Fusions are Class A Fire Rated.

Anti-Microbial Surface – Architectural Fusions are available with built-in antimicrobial protection, offering an ideal solution for hospitals, physicians’ offices, commercial kitchens and locker rooms.

LEED Points – Depending on your building and the scope of your project, Architectural Fusions may allow you to qualify for valuable LEED points.

If your commercial building is over 5 years old, your doors could use a facelift. With Architectural Fusions, you can update your building’s interior design more affordably and with ease.

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